A .NET password safe, which utilizes Windows encryption, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Users/Groups, Active Directory authentication and granular security controls. Designed to securely share passwords in an enterprise environment.


SeKer is a secret keeper or password protection tool for Microsoft Windows in an enterprise environment. It's written purely in .NET and leverages many Microsoft technologies.  While accomplishing the primary objective to keep passwords safe, it empowers Administrators with the ability to dictate which Windows Users/Groups have access to specific accounts.

Unlike many other password safe programs which are designed to only run locally on a PC, SeKer is designed for the enterprise with multiple simultaneous users.  Data is stored in a Microsoft SQL database which is served up with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services. Currently there is only a .NET client for Windows. WCF enables anyone to write a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) compatible client for any OS or browser. It's just waiting for someone to help and contribute to the project.

SeKer was originally created by the author as part of the Software Engineering Technology degree for the ITS department at Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT).